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Benefits of Monitoring by Kontron

TRACe product family

Control and Monitoring for Mission Computers

Essential elements for a lightweight, user-configurable, continuous system monitoring

    CMON-Line is a collection of tools:
  • Power-On Built-In Test (PBIT) Expert: a total system coverage with a learn/compare approach
    • Implemented in the BIOS as an EFI module, it is OS independant
  • Monitoring Framework:
    • Synthetic system status check from customizable health sensors list
    • Extensive coverage: hardware, software, peripheral and external elements
  • Fast Boot: when every second counts

CBIT Demos: Health Monitoring on TRACe, VME and VPX products

Monitoring on VME-VPX

The KEHM library at the heart of CMON, uses the same XML data structure for input and output files. This allows to use it for multiple use cases : CBIT, FAI, long system test sessions, technical support via email, etc... (see the kehm(1) manpage or the release notes)

A CBIT service example is provided as part of CMON. It reports alerts in the system journal and maintains health information in memory objects. This information is periodically written to a XML file. XML files are human readable, but also allow data transformation such as in the demos below, where a nice bootstrap style dashboard is built from the raw CMON XML data using a specifically designed style sheet (see XSLT technology)

TRACe-V304 TRACe-V407 TRACe-LP1 VM6052 VX3058

Visit the CBIT dashboards of live systems and explore their health sensor views

CMON Monitoring framework

An open data model framework based on generic health sensors

Health Sensors

The core of monitoring is the health sensor concept. It is designed to transform status information from a computer element (physical or logical) into a health value, according to predefined rules. A library (libkehm) ingests health sensor xML definition files and runs the health checks, using the indicated commands and cadence.

Health sensor element
Extensible Framework

Customized health sensors can easily be added for special needs of the application by creating new measurement points by adding health sensors in the definition file.


  • validating the availability of a service in another system with a command
  • checking for some status in a peripheral device
  • comparing a geographical position with a static reference

With these custom health sensors, the synthetic top level status covers the complete smart device and not just the initial embedded computer.

CMON extensible framwork


A total system coverage with no programming (learn/compare approach)

    Kontron's intelligent Power-on Built-in Test (PBIT) solutions improve the reliability, safety and security of mission critical installations. Kontron PBIT provides a modular and scalable set of uniform test routines to assess the health status and configuration for both boards and complete systems.

  • SYSTEM TEST innovative learning mode
  • Various configuration modes and unitary tests
  • Check of on-board and peripheral components
  • Maximum coverage with minimal learning curve
  • Available for all current and future Kontron 3U and 6U VPX/OpenVPX™ and VME processor boards

Discover PBIT Expert, a total system coverage with no programming required (learn/compare approach). PBIT Expert is featured on all Kontron VME and VPX boards and BoxPCs.

Fast Boot

A framework based on generic health sensors and an open data model

Kontron has developped techniques to replace the legacy PC startup sequence with static sofware solutions which are adjusted to initialize only the features used by the target application. Based on FSP (Intel) and coreboot (OSS) technologies, the Fast Boot development kit is used to build a complete payload based on a fast firmware stack (FSP+CoreBoot+Grub or Linux image)


  • Faster boot than standard BIOS. Typically 5 times faster.
  • Static configuration and tunables.
  • Small auditable boot code.
  • More secure (less plug and play)
  • Royalty free.