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LPWAN Technology, Intelligence and Security

Smart connectivity combined with Edge Computing and Cloud-based services are unleashing multiple possibilities in IoT applications, such as:

  • Stream analytics
  • Fleet/asset management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Passenger feedback, seat occupancy information
  • Remote devices management
  • Real-time traffic information

Initially developped for the Transportation industry, Kontron's TRACe-LP1, a LoRaWAN Network server and IoT gateway, is already in use for infrastructure and other monitoring applications.

Kontron TRACe-LP1 LoRaWAN-based gateway is measuring the quality of the air in Toulon, South of France. Enter the demo to see some live dashboards.

How it works

Building a mobile LoRaWAN™ IoT Network

Kontron TRACe-LP1 provides a secure all-in-one LoRa network server and IoT gateway pushing MQTT streams to the cloud.

Cloud server icon

The connection between TRACe-LP1 and MQTT Server is based on standard IP Ethernet.
The gateway automatically transforms LoRaWAN™ messages to a secure MQTT stream that is “pushed” on a remote MQTT server.

Cloud secure connection icon

The connection to the MQTT server is secured by TLS connection using private keys on both sides: sthe TRACe gateway and the MQTT Server. The MQTT Server is located on Virtual machine located on the laptop.

Graph icon

Data can be easily collected from on premise server, by MQTT subscriptions, using MQTT clients. Nowadays, MQTT clients are widely used for IoT applications and available for various environments (Linux, Windows, Android, IOS). The Windows laptop have MQTT client for the demo.

Application examples


Kontron deploys LoRaWAN™ at 300 km/h

  • Collect data from the sensors while the train is moving
  • Reduce costs of maintenance by providing maintenance servers with real time data
  • Improve customer services by analyzing data from embedded satisfaction sensors
  • GPS position reported with LoRaWAN™
  • Avoid losing freight wagons and containers
Connected Buoys
Monitor water quality

Connected systems monitor water quality in the Pacific Ocean

  • Collect data in real time
  • Implement new metrics to assess and improve the health of coral reefs
  • Monitored parameters include temperature, salinity, turbidity and even certain pollutants
Smart Ports
Smart ports
  • Improve environmental quality in port nearby cities
  • Synchronize truck traffic to lower CO2 and noise emission
  • Increase port capacity

TRACe-LP1 for LPWAN connectivity

IOT LPWAN GATEWAY WITH EDGE COMPUTING CAPABILITY, a bundled gateway acting as a private standalone LoRa network


EN50155 Fanless IoT LoRaWAN™ Gateway featuring Semtech's LoRa® wireless RF IC solution

Download Datasheet View Product
  • Digital security: secure elements to protect internal LoRa stack integrity and TLS connections
  • Turnkey private LoRaWAN network: no telco subscription needed, confidentiality
  • Edge intelligence: payload decoders, sensors filtering, sensor fusion. Autonomous appliance capability, hosting the application
  • Optional customization through virtualization, software containers, specific interfaces Wired ethernet, LTE or WIFI connectivity

Learn more about TRACe™ product line of EN50155-certified railway computers for rolling stock applications. Watch our video.